Lucas Pacheco Teixeira

Brazilian, 38 years old, married, father of Elisa

I have been working for over 10 years as a full-stack programmer and designer at Epanel Sistemas, where I have served clients such as the game franchise Ubisoft in France and the presenter and comedian Danilo Gentili here in Brazil.

I am passionate about human development, leadership, and entrepreneurship, areas where I believe I have even greater potential to contribute.


Graduated in 2009 in the Information Systems course at UFSC - Federal University of Santa Catarina - where he developed a thesis that achieved the highest grade and paved the way for the establishment of his own software company.

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Solid knowledge in languages such as Java, PHP, Javascript, Typescript, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

Extensive experience with frameworks and libraries such as Angular, Vue, React, Zend, Laravel, Bootstrap, Sass, and NextJS.

Founder and CEO of Epanel Sistemas, a software development company founded in 2011 that develops custom solutions serving clients such as Ubisoft and Danilo Gentili.

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Creator of the Cashimbo system, which accurately manages cash flow using simple and accessible accounting methods for everyone.

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Creator of the ENDW - Web Development Course at Escola de Novos Desenvolvedores Web (School of New Web Developers) in 2010, where I taught HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and SQL to students from various courses at UFSC in just 6 months.

Creator and organizer of the Personal Computing Workshop in 2012, which offers a fun and transformative introduction to the world of Computing through a week-long immersive experience with carefully planned and enjoyable meetings.

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Founder and president of the ELITI Association - School of Leaders in Information Technology - in the city of Blumenau, where I teach Computing, Design, English, Leadership, Financial Education, and Entrepreneurship for free to young people who need and deserve it.

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Creator of the Cashimbo Method, teaching and practical use of accounting for personal and business financial control. Since 2015, I have been providing consulting services for the implementation and practical use of accounting through the Cashimbo tool.

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Has given presentations throughout Brazil alongside renowned education figures such as José Pacheco from Escola da Ponte in Portugal and Thiago Berto from Cidade Escola Ayni in Guaporé, Rio Grande do Sul. Some of the offered presentations include:

Elemental Education: aimed at students of all ages, it shows how to truly learn and why studying for exams is a serious problem that can be corrected.

Seven-Year Cycles: the stages of life in 7-year increments and how to make the most of them with diligence and, at the same time, patience to respect the rhythm of life.

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Fire Generation: gain a deep understanding of the young people born after the year 2000 who seem uninterested in anything and why we need to be prepared for the arrival of a new Water Generation in 2025, which has strong emotional demands.

Self-Leadership: focuses on the most fundamental type of leadership, the ability to lead oneself and one's own lifein detail, explaining how this skill is built within each individual through their experiences and self-observation.

Business Geometry: intuitively and graphically understand the stages behind all enterprises and how ideas turn into projects, projects become businesses, and businesses can evolve into significant movements.

Numbers: an introduction to the meaning of numbers combined with the 4 elements of nature, introducing an archetypal knowledge capable of explaining and shedding light on the process of human refinement.

Metanoia: a comprehensive and synthesizing view of the process of human maturation, where it is possible to recognize the profound differences present in the psychology of children, youth, adults, and the elderly.

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WhatsApp: +55 48 99982-6011